Music; smooth and strong

"So open up your wailing heart and lift your voice up to the sky,
and sing of life and love and pain, and hope that never dies.
Lay your shot of music down and make it smooth and strong -
Keep practicing so faithfully and long, 
and maybe live forever in a song. "

                                       from North McDonough Street by J.H. Couch
                                        ©2017 The Other Alligator Creek Company

     This site is a portal for the music contained on our soundcloud site, accessible from a button on the first page.
     It's my hope that in listening you would find encouragement, especially for trying to be a little truer and a little braver and a little more determined to be as alive as you can possibly be.  If so, then those who are close to you will be blessed as well, and you will have made this world a little better place.