Meriwether, the album, is here!!

Featuring 12 original songs, engineered by Damon Moon and abetted by Atlanta’s best musicians:

Micah Cadwell, Matt Wauchope, Jacob Deaton, Josh Birmingham, Robert Green, and the vocal talents of Evans, Rae & Rose Cameos by Jorel ‘JFly’ Flynn and Lexi Street

Pittsburgh, words and music by J.H. Couch

1 Will this evil be allowed to rob our world of joy? Sickness that possesses and drives some to destroy!

Bloody guns and twisted minds have wantonly slain, and ruined many lives of the loved ones who remain.

2  Depravity assaults the community of peace! The strength of life inside us must prayerfully increase!

The doom they bring upon us is only for an hour; we grow from pain and seek the light to banish evil’s power.

Ch Will the weight of grief enshroud us as the restoration starts?

The face of death behind us, forging peace with damaged hearts. 

3 We let our politicians sell us out so cheap, our nation’s now a TV show playing to the creeps!

They create fear of immigrants, and wink at racist factions, all along denying the impact of their actions!


4 We cloister our surroundings but can we ever stay protected from reality breaking in each day?

We pray to keep from trampling our hope beneath our fear, and bear our scars from spirit wars along our hearts’ frontier.



About Papa Jack


Papa Jack Couch is a singer/songwriter of insight and wit.  He performs originals forged over long years of two-lane blacktops and smoke-rise sundowns, with direct influences reaching back to Gram Parsons and Johnny Cash.  Emerging with relevance and thump, he brings fresh perspective to the age-old themes; life of the soul, pain of the heart.  His material resonates especially with those still trying to grow into full-fledged adulthood.  

With a voice of Tupelo honey over burnt sourdough, and a rhythm playing style -- on a battered ‘59 hockshop Martin -- just good enough to forestall eviction, his performances are always saved by inventive, insightful writing and an amazing range of observation.  

After spending his formative years all over Georgia, Florida and Alabama, and having survived two separate invasions of Nashville, most of his life has played out in Southeast Georgia’s endless pines and mysterious swamplands.  He now lives in Meriwether County and loves nothing more than coming into town and playing hard won, hand carved music.



Eddie’s Attic August 15, 2019; 7:00

Brussels, Belgium November 1-12, 2019


Music - Smooth and Strong

"So open up your wailing heart and lift your voice up to the sky,
and sing of life and love and pain, and hope that never dies.
Lay your shot of music down and make it smooth and strong -
Keep practicing so faithfully and long, 
and maybe live forever in a song. "
                                       from North McDonough Street by J.H. Couch
                                        ©2017 The Other Alligator Creek Company

     This site is a portal for the music contained on our soundcloud site, accessible from the button on the first page.  It's my hope that in listening you would find encouragement, especially for trying to be a little truer and a little braver and a little more determined to be as alive as you can possibly be.  If so, then those who are close to you will be blessed as well, and you will have made this world a little better place.
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          Lyrics to selected songs are posted below, with excerpts and links.     


                                    Love Is
Love is what you do to help others be alive like you.
God says, I'll handle your cares, you go help your neighbors with theirs,
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                           We Need Volunteers

Someone to look up to is getting hard to find.
the signature of a hero now is only made for dollar signs
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                                Courage of a Child

Oh Lord give me the courage of a child who's been abused
and testifies
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                    I Remember Every Time I Ever Saw You

I Remember Every Time I ever saw you, and I have seen you many times,
I've waited for the moment I could draw you into this quiet gaze of mine.  
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                        So Far, So Good
Who woulda' guessed it, back there at the start
that we would go so far together in our journey of the heart,
there was so little we understood
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                             Witness Tree

Can you meet me at the witness tree,
will you bring your truth and raise it over me?
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Will you be my valentine, can I trust my heart to you?
If I can’t give you everything, will a lifetime of love make do?
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                         Prayer Chapel of the Highway
There's all kinds of sanctuaries where you can go to pray,
but in the hurry and the scurry of an ordinary day
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                       The Last Time Life Was Smooth
Dan and I were friends back when the earth was touched with gold,
long before imagining that anyone grows old
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                   Don't Tell Me You Love Me Again
Our days of romance were woven in dreams, as we set out to make life as one,
but dreams only come true by the little things you do
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