Prayer Chapel of the Highway
There’s all kinds of sanctuaries where you can go to pray
But in the hurry and the worry of an ordinary day
You can have your own devotions when you get behind the wheel
Of your Ford or your Toyota or your Oldsmobile

Chorus -  You've got a prayer chapel of the highway - holy rolling down the open road
You can tell the Lord your troubles, and listen for His voice, 
have mystic sweet communion, and evermore rejoice
You don’t need a plastic Jesus on the dashboard, oh no
Because the real One is beside you wherever you may go

So if you’re zooming down the highway or rolling down a lane,  
traveling cross country, even waiting for a train, 
you can turn your thoughts to Jesus, and He can surely make
a spiritual journey of every trip you take


                                 So Far, So Good
Who would’a guessed it, back there at the start, 
that we would go so far together in our journey of the heart?
There was so little we understood.   
But down the years we’ve traveled, over many miles,
and everything that brought a heartache eventually brought a smile,
and now we can say, so far so good

Sure we’ve had our problems, every other day
and we questioned our directions more than once along the way,
but we kept on moving, as well as we could.   
For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health,
with consistently poor timing and a constant lack of wealth,  
but still we can say, so far so good

     Chorus - So far, so good, it turned out better than your mama ever said that it would
     So good, so far, write it in heaven and hang it on a star
     Nothing in this world could tear us apart,    
     our heads get separated but we’re joined at the heart  
     So far, so good, it must be going like the good Lord said that it should  

And now we face tomorrow, hand in hand, just like before
we grieve for dreams that died away, but we can dream some more.
We may never make it to Hollywood
But now we have the children, joy and wonder of our eyes
we’ll help them find their wings and then we’ll point them toward the sky  
And we will pray, that someday they can pause along their way,   
and look back and be able to say, so far, so good